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Business Card

Business Cards

Design and print business cards. Business cards are one of the least expensive marketing tools. They provide an easy way to pass your business contact information to others. Make a habit of handing them to every new person you meet. Leave two or three extra cards with each consumer that you clean for to make it easy to refer you.

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Determine which invoice you will use.

A written invoice should be presented to the consumer before you start work. It should include the consumer name and address along with a description of the work to be performed and the total amount due for the job. If more work is added, the invoice can be modified to account for the extra work.

Pads of invoices are available at office supply stores. Your company name and contact information can be placed at the top with a label or rubber stamp. These invoice pads are made with carbon-less paper or they come with carbon paper for making copies.

As your company gets established, have invoices printed to match your company brand.


Brochure/list of services

Develop a printed information piece that lists your company information and the services you provide. This can be printed on a half sheet of paper or card stock. Consumers often need more information than what is appropriate for a business card.

Make sure it is branded to match your other printed materials. The services you provide and your phone number need to be prominently displayed. Other information to consider including is your web address, photograph, certification, association memberships, and whether or not you accept credit cards.

It is to your advantage to mention that you are an owner-operated company and that you will be on all jobs.

You can also include your guarantee and what method you use for cleaning. These should not be dominant.

Whenever you design and write any marketing materials, always be sure to have it carefully checked for misspellings and inaccurate information. It looks bad to have any mistakes. Always check that your telephone number is included and correct.

Reminder Card

Customers Printed Materials – Reminder Card

Thank You Card

Customers Printed Materials – Thank You Card

Refrigerator Magnet

Refrigerator Magnets

An easy way to help customers locate your name and phone number is to leave them a company refrigerator magnet. These typically cost less than a dollar apiece. These are worth every penny. Customers tend to keep them for years.