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How to Produce Your Company Video

From the April Article in Cleanfax by Steve Marsh

In my article in the April issue of Cleanfax Magazine, I discussed how to assemble a company video. Below you will find five examples of the final videos produced from the original video shoot.

Video examples: The first example with Bill was designed to emphasize the primary benefits such as on-time arrival, 100% satisfaction guarantee, and a 30-day spot and spill warranty. The other videos are a bit more focused on showing the company technician working.

Voice-over Scripts: The voice-over script is the story you want to convey to your prospective customer. Below are sample scripts from the example videos. These are here for you to use as a foundation for building your own company story.

When recording the voice-over, I suggest that you write your script out sentence by sentence. Be sure to read the script emphasizing the key words and inserting appropriate pauses. Practice reading each line differently until you find the timing and emphasis you like best.

Video/Photo Shoot Examples

From the March Article in Cleanfax by Steve Marsh

The easiest way to understand a video shoot is to watch one. Click on the scenes below to see examples of an actual shoot along with additional tips and strategies.

Background: This was originally set up as a photo shoot we arranged for seven of my clients in 2013. We hired a professional photographer to take the photos. As a second thought, I decided to shoot video while the photographer was shooting in other parts of the house. I used a Sony HD camcorder on a tripod and used the available lighting. As you will see and hear, there is a lot going on in that house during the process. There are many adjustments I would have made if were in control of the house and shoot. I will point out the things I would have changed for each of the scenes below.

Great model: A key component to a successful video shoot is the model acting as the consumer. As you will see, Mary did a great job acting in that role. She comfortably interacted with each of the cleaners with plenty of smiles, nods, and gestures. Her eye contact and attention were outstanding. Mary is a grade school teacher and I realized that teachers have many of these valuable qualities I look for in a consumer model.

Part 2 in the next issue of Cleanfax: Next month’s article and supplemental examples will cover how to produce the final video and upload it to YouTube. I will also provide an example of the voiceover script along with some of the completed videos produced from this video shoot.

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