Upholstery Cleaning Services

At SurfClean Professional Upholstery Cleaning, We offer a wide array of upholstery cleaning services. Not only do we help you remove dirt and stains, but our cleaning solutions can remove microscopic dust particles that are the main cause of allergies and respiratory issues! We will deep clean your sofa, chairs, and other furniture to make sure they are free of dust and allergens. Our cleaning techniques are designed to extend the life of your furniture as well as restore its original beauty.

Types of Upholstery we clean:

Our technicians are highly trained in this field and they will do their best to make your furniture look like new again.

Professional Upholstery Cleaner

Sofa sets

Sofa sets are more than one piece of furniture, usually consisting of a sofa and an ottoman. The set may also include other pieces, such as chairs or side tables. Sofas made from different materials can range from leather to fabric to microfiber or foam-filled upholstery.

Leather sofas: When compared with other materials used for upholstery purposes, leather is more expensive but it also gives you excellent comfort, luxury and style that’s sure to be timelessly beautiful.

Fabric sofas: For those who want something less expensive yet stylish enough for their home decorating needs, fabric sofas offer great value and are easy to maintain.

Sofas come in a variety of colors, sizes and styles, but most sofas are made with a fabric cover over foam cushions or springs. The foam cushions are covered by a layer of batting–a dense material made from fibers such as cotton or wool–which helps absorb shock when you sit on it; while the mattress is usually stuffed with feathers or down feathers (feathers that have been cleaned). This is why sofas can be difficult to clean and it’s good to know what you are starting with.


  • Best leather cleaning methods. Our methods are designed to remove dirt and stains without damaging the leather.
  • Best technicians. We hire only the most highly qualified technicians, who have undergone extensive training on how to clean your favourite furniture while keeping it looking brand new!
  • Best company in town. SurfClean Professional Upholstery Cleaning has over 20 years of experience in the industry, we are one of the best at what we do – and we’ll prove it with every job!


  • leather
  • suede
  • nubuck
  • faux leather
  • faux suede
  • faux nubuck
  • faux fur, e.g. rabbit or fox
  • animal hide, e.g., cowhide, sheepskin
Upholstery Cleaning Services

Dining Chairs

If you have dining chairs, we can restore them to their former glory. We clean chairs of all sizes and colors, materials, brands, styles and types.

Recliner Upholstery Cleaning and more!

We handle a wide range of upholstery and furniture cleaning. From leather to suede, we’ll help you make your home look its best!

Whether you need an elegant sofa set or comfortable recliner, we can do it all. We even provide services for dining chairs and love seats!

SurfClean Professional Upholstery Cleaning offers the best Upholstery cleaning services in Alameda County

We are a local company that prides itself on the quality of its service. We are insured and bonded, licensed and certified, experienced and trained, affordable and reliable.

That’s just a few of our many credentials! SurfClean Professional Upholstery Cleaning has cleaned upholstery throughout Alameda County. You can rest assured that we know what we’re doing because we offer the best Upholstery cleaning services around!

Upholstery Steam Cleaning
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