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Get to know your local supplier

Your supplier can be a great resource. Let him know that you plan on being loyal to him. It benefits him if you succeed. It is important to respect his time and ask him if there is a convenient time that he can give you some advice. He knows who the other cleaners are in your area so he might be able to introduce you to someone to help mentor you.

The mechanic at the shop can make things easier if you have mechanical problems. Go out of your way to greet him when you are in the shop. It never hurts to bring some doughnuts or soft drinks when you come asking for special favors. You want him to like you.


Choose your equipment

Determine which type and brand of primary cleaning equipment you will use. Fill in the name and type in the box.


Find a vehicle

What type of work vehicle are you using?


Acquire your tools

Acquire the small tools you will need. Use the Tool Inventory List as a guide.

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Acquire the necessary cleaning supplies

Use the Supply Inventory List as a guide to acquire the cleaning supplies you will need.

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Cleaning Solutions

Acquire the necessary cleaning solutions

Use the Cleaning Solutions Inventory List as a guide to acquire needed cleaning solutions.

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