The Arrival Scene For Your Carpet Cleaning Marketing Video

Arrival Scene For Your Carpet Cleaning Marketing Video

Carpet Cleaner Video Marketing Examples

Vehicle Arrival: This scene is a great way to begin your story. By capturing your branded vehicle pulling up to the front of the house, you are providing your prospective customer a tangible example of what to expect when you arrive. An attractive branded vehicle clearly projects the idea that you are a professional company and care about the details.
Be sure the vehicle is sparkling clean. I recommend that you park on the street instead of pulling into the driveway.

Action: The camera should follow the movement of the van pulling up to the curb in front of the house. There should be little delay in the tech getting out of the vehicle and proceeding to the front door. The tech should have a smile and carrying a clipboard and measuring device.

Tips: Remember that this video is for marketing and not intended to show exactly what you do on a typical job. I would not recommend any towels hanging out of pockets, sunglasses, or hats unless it is a part of the official uniform.

If possible remove trash cans, bicycles, and toys. Look around the exterior of the house to see that there are no distracting items visible that could be removed. If there are distracting items that can’t be moved, consider changing the location of the camera to avoid capturing the distractions. Also consider zooming in more to limit what is being recorded.
If the street does not represent your ideal target customer, consider shooting this scene at another location.

Take multiple recordings of each scene. You will be able to edit down the actual scene you will use in post production. Video is cheap. There is nothing worse than wishing you had captured more options when you are compiling the final video.

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