How to Make a Marketing Video for Your Carpet Cleaning Company

Carpet Cleaner Video Marketing

Capture Your Company’s Story in Video

The easiest way to understand a video shoot is to watch one.

Background: This was originally set up as a photo shoot we arranged for seven of my clients in 2013. We hired a professional photographer to take the photos. As a second thought, I decided to shoot video while the photographer was shooting in other parts of the house. I used a Sony HD camcorder on a tripod and used the available lighting. As you will see and hear, there is a lot going on in that house during the process. There are many adjustments I would have made if were in control of the house and shoot. I will point out the things I would have changed for each of the scenes below.

Great model: A key component to a successful video shoot is the model acting as the consumer. As you will see, Mary did a great job acting in that role. She comfortably interacted with each of the cleaners with plenty of smiles, nods, and gestures. Her eye contact and attention were outstanding. Mary is a grade school teacher and I realized that teachers have many of these valuable qualities I look for in a consumer model.

Part 2 in the next issue of Cleanfax: Next month’s article and supplemental examples will cover how to produce the final video and upload it to YouTube. I will also provide an example of the voiceover script along with some of the completed videos produced from this video shoot.

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