Example 03

Carpet Cleaner Video Marketing Examples

Capture Your Company’s Story in Video

Inspect Measure Scene

Inspection/Measurement: This scene is designed to convey that you have a precise and professional way to measure, charge, and analyze each job and situation. You have a reason to charge the way you do.

Action: This scene is to capture how you measure and evaluate the job you will be doing. Record whatever measuring system you commonly use and show that you are writing down the measurements. You will want to use only a small amount of time from the scene in the final video.

Tips: Take multiple recordings of this scene to ensure you have a good clip. The focus is on the tech looking in control of the situation. This can be a tough scene because the tech is attempting to juggle a couple of things at the same time. Don’t use any portion that looks awkward.

Again check for any unnecessary distractions.

For this shoot, there was wall-to-wall carpet only in the upstairs family areas. I would have much more preferred the carpet scenes to have been shot in the family or living rooms.

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