Example 04

Carpet Cleaner Video Marketing Examples

Capture Your Company’s Story in Video

Carpet Cleaning Scene

Carpet Cleaning: This scene explains the process your company uses to clean carpets. Demonstrate using the company’s primary cleaning tool or system. (Cleaning wand, power cleaning head, oscillation pad, etc.)

Action: Capture the actual cleaning process typically used. The movements should be at a realistic speed. The tech should always look in control. The customer needs to feel confident that nothing will get damaged. This may end up being the longest individual scene. Be sure to capture plenty of action.
Tips: Since we were filming many companies at this shoot, we chose to not actually clean during the action scenes so as to not over wet the carpet. It would be ideal to show the cleaning system actually working.

Please notice that the carpets look relatively clean. If you want to attract consumers that have their carpets cleaned regularly, this is not the place to demonstrate dramatic before and after cleaning scenes results. Dramatic cleaning results attracts consumers in need of restorative cleaning procedures.

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