The Spot Cleaning Scene For Your Carpet Cleaning Marketing Video

Spot Cleaning Scene For Your Carpet Cleaning Marketing Video

Carpet Cleaner Video Marketing Examples

Spot Cleaning: The purpose of this scene is to demonstrate that you take the time and have the expertise to eliminate specific spots.

Action: Record the process of using specialty spotters to resolve a spot issue. It helps to show a clean and organized professional looking spot cleaning kit. The point is to show that you take the time to do what’s needed to get the job done right. The clip used in the final video will only show a portion of the total spot cleaning process. In the examples below, the technicians are not actually applying the spot cleaning products, they are just going through the motions. Using the actual products will provide better detail.

Tips: In the examples we were using a towel to blot the spots. You can also use a hand extraction tool. I suggest that you record this scene multiple times and vary the procedure used in order to give you options in post production to incorporate the best take for the final video.

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