Critical Tasks at a Glance

Strategy Shape Business - Target Market*

Define your target market

Describe your desired target market. Include categories such as: married, professional, residential, etc. Do NOT say anyone who calls you!

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Strategy Shape Business - Choose Service Level*

Establish you service level

Determine what level of service you will offer. Use the Service Level Chart to help determine what is appropriate for your chosen target market.

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Strategy Value - Price for Carpet Cleaning*

Establish your pricing

Determine an appropriate charge for carpet cleaning (excluding protector, etc.) according to the target market and level of service you have chosen to offer. Fill in your charge and state whether it is based on actual room dimensions or only cleanable space.

Strategy Value - Cleaning Pace*

Measure your pace

Determine your carpet cleaning pace and write it in the space. Pace is determined by calculating the average square footage you clean from the time you pull up to the house until the time you drive away. Measure carpet cleaning jobs only for one week and determine the average number of square feet cleaned per hour. Be sure to note if this is cleanable space or total room square footage.

Strategy Value - What is Included*

Decide on services and extras

Write in what is normally included in your standard cleaning charge. For example: vacuuming, moving furniture, carpet protector, corner guards, wiping down baseboards, specialty stain spotting. The included services should be appropriate to the rate you are charging.

Strategy Value - Service Territory*

Determine a service area

Give a general description of your normal service area. List the specific cities covered.

Customers Website - Optimization*

Optimize Website for Consumers Searching for Your Service (SEO)

Decide if SEO (Search Engine Optimization) should be a significant strategy to find you new customers. This will be greatly determined by your geographical location. This can be expensive in major metropolitan areas.

Customers Website - Website*


Consumers expect you to have a website. Pay a professional to design your website. A professional can make it consistent to your brand. Your website does not need to be fancy but it should describe your business well and look professional. Be sure to put your web address on all of your printed materials.

Customers Customers - Current Sources*

Current Monthly Sources

Sources are the various means by which consumers find your business. The answer a customer gives when asked how they heard about you, is generally considered the source. There are five general sources: repeat, referrals, networking, internet, and advertising. When a specific source within these general sources, such as Yelp advertising, produces at least one customer per month, it should be separated out and listed as an independent source.

Each source is assigned a number for the average number of customers it provides each month. For example, if door hangers produce an average of 2.3 customers per month, its value would be counted as 2. These source values should be added up to determine the “current # of sources”.

Customers Customers - Potential Source List*

Potential Customer Sources

Compile a list of at least 20-30 sources. Look to see what other service companies are doing to get new customers. There are hundreds of options. From this list you will begin to test them to see if these will be a profitable way to acquire customers.

Customers Customers - Testing Results*

Testing Potential Customer Sources

Determine how you can test each marketing idea on your potential source list. Design the ad/marketing piece for each idea on the list. Determine how long of a trial will be needed to fairly test each option. Calculate how much it will cost to run the test and what an acceptable return will be for that test. Generally electronic marketing such as AdWords or ads in Yelp or Angie’s List will need only a month or two. Print ads generally need to be run several times to get an accurate test result.

Customers Customers - Reach Goal Number of Sources*

Acquire the Goal Number of Customer Sources

Check off this task when you have established the goal number of consistent customer sources per month.