Marketing At a Glance

Color Scheme

Identify Your Brand Colors

Identify the colors you will use to brand your company. Determine the Pantone number for each color. It is important to stay as consistent as possible with your brand colors.


Choose Type Font

Select the type font you will use for most of your marketing materials. A consistent use of one primary font for the copy of your marketing materials will give your company a more professional appearance. Use a maximum of three (3) different fonts per printed material.


Company Logo

Upload the logo image you will use to brand your company name. It helps to have a logo to help consumers remember your company and to stand out from competitors. Determine what you will start with and you can update it later.

Graphics of Services

Upload Graphic Images of Primary Services

Upload graphic images of your primary services. For example you will want images that will convey to consumers carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and area rug cleaning.


Marketing Photos

Upload photos to be used for marketing. These should include: a head and shoulders shot of you wearing your uniform shirt with a plain background, you performing each of your primary services, photos of your vehicle in front of target market homes, and before and after photos.


Work Uniform

Determine what your work uniform will be. T-shirts and blue jeans are less professional for a uniform. Consider an embroidered polo shirt in one of your company colors with a set color for pants/shorts and shoes.

Vehicle Lettering

Customers Company Image – Vehicle Lettering

Associated Logos and Emblems

Logos of organizations and groups

Upload logos of organizations and groups you belong to.

Cities in Service Area
Company History

Company History

Write a paragraph to describe your company history. If you are new describe why you started the company and what you plan to do differently than other companies. This will be used in marketing materials and in company profile pages.

Description of Services

Description of Services Offered

Write a short paragraph describing each service you offer.

Owner Bio

Owner Bio

Write a two sentence biography of you as the owner of the company. Also write a one paragraph version of your biography. These will be used in marketing materials and profile pages.

10 Sources Per Month

Acquired 10 Monthly Customer Sources

Check off this task when you have established at least 10 consistent customer sources per month.

20 Sources Per Month

Acquire 20 Monthly Customer Sources

Check off this task when you have acquired 20 or more reliable customers sources per month.

Current Sources*

Current Monthly Sources

Sources are the various means by which consumers find your business. The answer a customer gives when asked how they heard about you, is generally considered the source. There are five general sources: repeat, referrals, networking, internet, and advertising. When a specific source within these general sources, such as Yelp advertising, produces at least one customer per month, it should be separated out and listed as an independent source.

Each source is assigned a number for the average number of customers it provides each month. For example, if door hangers produce an average of 2.3 customers per month, its value would be counted as 2. These source values should be added up to determine the “current # of sources”.

Number of Sources Needed

Determine Number of Monthly Customer Sources Needed

Determine how many monthly customer sources you will need. This is one of your key goals.
Divide the amount of monthly revenue the company must generate to pay both business and personal bills by your average invoice amount to determine how many customer sources you will need.

Potential Source List*

Potential Customer Sources

Compile a list of at least 20-30 sources. Look to see what other service companies are doing to get new customers. There are hundreds of options. From this list you will begin to test them to see if these will be a profitable way to acquire customers.

Reach Goal Number of Sources*

Acquire the Goal Number of Customer Sources

Check off this task when you have established the goal number of consistent customer sources per month.

Testing Results*

Testing Potential Customer Sources

Determine how you can test each marketing idea on your potential source list. Design the ad/marketing piece for each idea on the list. Determine how long of a trial will be needed to fairly test each option. Calculate how much it will cost to run the test and what an acceptable return will be for that test. Generally electronic marketing such as AdWords or ads in Yelp or Angie’s List will need only a month or two. Print ads generally need to be run several times to get an accurate test result.

Tracking Phone Numbers

Consider Using Call Tracking Phone Numbers

Consider if call tracking phone numbers (special phone numbers assigned to a very specific marketing effort) will help you measure the success of your marketing efforts. Call tracking numbers can be very revealing if you have other people answer your phones.

Greeting at the Front Door
Head and Shoulders Photo
Performing Primary Services
Van at Target Customer Home

Brochure/list of services

Develop a printed information piece that lists your company information and the services you provide. This can be printed on a half sheet of paper or card stock. Consumers often need more information than what is appropriate for a business card.

Make sure it is branded to match your other printed materials. The services you provide and your phone number need to be prominently displayed. Other information to consider including is your web address, photograph, certification, association memberships, and whether or not you accept credit cards.

It is to your advantage to mention that you are an owner-operated company and that you will be on all jobs.

You can also include your guarantee and what method you use for cleaning. These should not be dominant.

Whenever you design and write any marketing materials, always be sure to have it carefully checked for misspellings and inaccurate information. It looks bad to have any mistakes. Always check that your telephone number is included and correct.

Business Card

Business Cards

Design and print business cards. Business cards are one of the least expensive marketing tools. They provide an easy way to pass your business contact information to others. Make a habit of handing them to every new person you meet. Leave two or three extra cards with each consumer that you clean for to make it easy to refer you.

Resource Downloads



Determine which invoice you will use.

A written invoice should be presented to the consumer before you start work. It should include the consumer name and address along with a description of the work to be performed and the total amount due for the job. If more work is added, the invoice can be modified to account for the extra work.

Pads of invoices are available at office supply stores. Your company name and contact information can be placed at the top with a label or rubber stamp. These invoice pads are made with carbon-less paper or they come with carbon paper for making copies.

As your company gets established, have invoices printed to match your company brand.

Refrigerator Magnet

Refrigerator Magnets

An easy way to help customers locate your name and phone number is to leave them a company refrigerator magnet. These typically cost less than a dollar apiece. These are worth every penny. Customers tend to keep them for years.

Reminder Card

Customers Printed Materials – Reminder Card

Thank You Card

Customers Printed Materials – Thank You Card

Angie’s List Profile

Upload Company Profile to Angie’s List

Upload your company profile and photos to Angie’s List profile page and provide as much information as you can to their questions. (Most of this information should be in your member profile page.) This is FREE!

Yelp Profile

Upload Company Profile to Yelp

Upload your company profile and photos to your Yelp profile page and provide as much information as you can to their questions. (Most of this information should be in your member profile page.) This is FREE!

Domain Name

Select a Domain Name

Your web master can help you with this process. has a place to check to see if your desired name is available. It is preferable to use a domain name that ends with a “.com.”


Optimize Website for Consumers Searching for Your Service (SEO)

Decide if SEO (Search Engine Optimization) should be a significant strategy to find you new customers. This will be greatly determined by your geographical location. This can be expensive in major metropolitan areas.



Decide who will act as your webmaster and design the company website. The website will be the first experience most people will have of your company. This is not a project for an amateur.



Consumers expect you to have a website. Pay a professional to design your website. A professional can make it consistent to your brand. Your website does not need to be fancy but it should describe your business well and look professional. Be sure to put your web address on all of your printed materials.